Part 2: The Broadbeach Skyline of June 2023

When you gaze at the impressive skyscrapers that define Broadbeach, chances are, Bennett + Bennett had a hand in making them a reality. We’ve helped turn dreams into steel and glass, creating not just buildings but iconic landmarks that make Broadbeach unforgettable. Iconic projects like the Star Casino (which we’ve been working on since 1983), the Gold Coast Light Rail and the ‘Oracle’ Towers are only some of the examples we have put our expertise towards over the years.

We are proud of our history and connection to the Gold Coast and the imagery above shows what a beautiful place we live in. Projects like the Star Casino (which we have worked on since 1983, the successful Gold Coast Light Rail, the ‘Oracle’ Towers and many more.

Key Project – Jewel (3 Towers)

Refer to #12 – on Broadbeach North Skyline image

Jewel is a standout development on the Gold Coast and is the largest beachfront mixed-use development in Australia. Jewel consists of 3 towers of 513 apartments and a 169-room luxury hotel – a first of its kind on the Gold Coast.

Located at Broadbeach, the 3 towers sparkle with their distinctive glass curtain walling.

Bennett + Bennett was involved from the very start of the project, through the initial feature & detail surveys, and continued our involvement with the construction set out and final titling. The design came about through inspiration from three smoky quartz crystals that were apparently found in the region and the underlying structure of the coastline and, in particular, the Gold Coast’s iconic hinterland.

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