Right image courtesy of Hutchinson Builders

Bennett + Bennett Project #220695

The floods of early 2022 were a major disaster to those in and around the Northern Rivers area, leaving many homeless and with nowhere to go.

The State Govt of NSW selected the Wardell Recreation Ground as the temporary home of those residents of the Cabbage Tree Island community who were heavily flooded in the February/ March Floods of 2022 and can’t return home because of the flood damage.

Construction was fast tracked and commenced in June 2022 and was finished in November 2022.

Bennett + Bennett were engaged by Hutchinson Builders to provide site survey needs for the site.

Wardell Temporary Housing Site

The site can host up to 51 self-contained housing units, housing up to 200 residents.

These housing units are located at the site for up to two years, depending on housing needs, to ensure flood-affected residents have time to finalise long-term solutions.

The site includes a temporary school, medical facility and communal areas in line with facilities available on Cabbage Tree Island which were severely damaged and are unusable.

Image above of the site pre-construction courtesy of Hutchinson Builders

Image above of the completed site courtesy of Hutchinson Builders

Bennett + Bennett were pleased to be a part of such an important community build and the resultant end product was important for homing of many in the community.

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