Our Sectors

Bennett + Bennett work across a wide range of industry sectors including construction, property development, infrastructure, healthcare, education, government, defence, retail, renewables energy etc. 

Building Construction

Throughout our 50+ year history, we have been proud to play a part in the formation of some of SE QLD’s most iconic high rise buildings.

Property Development

Our property development experience is extensive and includes commercial, mixed-use, urban renewal etc.

Major Infrastructure

We specialise in providing survey solutions to large and small scale infrastructure projects, tunnels, roads, railways, buildings, bridges and drainage networks - all supported by leading technology.

Hospitals and Healthcare

We are proud to have a long-standing history of providing services to hospitals and health care facilities throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Government And Defence

With a large history of government and defence projects in our portfolio, we are familiar with the intricacies and processes that come with large scale public and defence projects.

Renewable Energy

Bennett + Bennett provides a variety expertise to the renewable energy sector, delivering comprehensive services to support sustainable projects.

Retail and mixed-use Facilities

Major shopping centre redevelopments are a strong industry driver throughout Australia and Bennett + Bennett have been heavily involved in this sector for many years.

Educational Facilities

We have a long history of providing our services for educational facilities including primary and secondary schools, childcare centres, universities and colleges.

Our Services

Bennett + Bennett are over 55 years in the making, and we're a dynamic group of surveying, urban design, town planning and 3D mapping specialists.

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