Urban Design

At Bennett + Bennett, our urban design team comprises a diverse group of planning and design experts. This transdisciplinary approach allows us to harness a broad spectrum of skills, ensuring that our solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and forward-thinking. With a collective passion for creating vibrant and sustainable urban spaces, our team consistently delivers projects that redefine the urban experience.

Our team excels in developing master plans that go beyond the conventional, envisioning urban spaces that not only meet immediate needs but anticipate future trends and challenges. This involves a meticulous understanding of the local context, demographics, and environmental considerations. By incorporating elements of sustainable design, green spaces, and cultural identity, our master plans become blueprints for holistic urban development.

One of the primary outcomes of yield analysis is the optimisation of land use and density. By assessing factors such as zoning regulations, building codes, and site constraints, yield analysis helps determine the maximum development potential of a given area. The outcome is a strategic allocation of land for different uses, optimising density to accommodate a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. This contributes to efficient land utilisation, supporting sustainable urban growth and addressing population density considerations.

One of the primary outcomes of urban and regional structure planning is the strategic allocation of land uses. This involves determining the appropriate distribution of residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational areas within the region. The planning process considers factors such as population density, economic activities, and environmental considerations to ensure an optimal and sustainable use of land. By strategically organising land uses, structure planning aims to create balanced and functional urban environments that support the needs of diverse communities.

Our approach seamlessly blends architectural innovation with a deep understanding of local context and community needs. By incorporating thoughtful residential and neighbourhood design principles, we aim to foster environments that prioritise liveability, sustainability, and a sense of community.

We prioritise the optimisation of building envelopes, tailoring designs to harmonise with local zoning regulations and environmental considerations. Our incorporation of covenants ensures that the architectural integrity and aesthetic coherence of the community are upheld, fostering a sense of identity and quality. In tandem, our expertise in small lot design allows us to maximise land use efficiency while maintaining a balance between density and open spaces.

A primary outcome of providing policy advice is the facilitation of informed decision-making and urban planning. By offering well-researched and expert advice, policymakers can make informed choices that align with the goals of sustainable development, community well-being, and economic vitality. This outcome leads to the creation of urban policies that are based on thorough analysis, taking into account factors such as demographics, land use, transportation, and environmental considerations.

At Bennett + Bennett we believe that designs should respond to their surrounding environment and communication of design intent is critical to the project’s success. With our combined resources, we provide a range of reality capture options to assist the design process, visualisation and spatial analysis of your project


Our approach goes beyond conventional design, focusing on the character, history, and aspirations of a place. By employing an urban design framework that embraces local context and community engagement, we craft spaces that seamlessly integrate into their surroundings. This method ensures that our designs not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to a sense of belonging and connectivity within the community.

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