Major Projects

Bennett + Bennett’s involvement in infrastructure projects cover many aspects of the surveying industry. Our broad range of expertise allows for our involvement in the full project lifecycle; from initial design phases to project construction and delivery, and finally the ongoing asset management and compliance of final as-constructed to digital engineering and authority standards. Our range of services include drainage/inground services, bridge structures, earthworks, EOM flights, machine guidance, as-built management, structure/building methodology, 3D modelling, and survey management.

Current major projects include Snowy Hydro 2.0, MacIntyre Wind Farm and Southern QLD Correctional Centre.

From precise land surveys for optimal site selection to advanced 3D mapping allowing for comprehensive visualisation and analysis, we ensure that renewable energy systems are seamlessly integrated into the existing environment. Our commitment to excellence in green initiatives makes us a trusted partner for large renewable energy projects, promoting the growth of sustainable solutions for a cleaner future. Key projects include Snowy Hydro 2.0 and MacIntyre Wind Farm.

Leveraging our expertise in surveying and advanced 3D mapping, we contribute to the seamless planning and execution of rail projects. Our precise surveying techniques ensure accurate data for rail alignment, while our utilisation of 3D mapping aids in visualising complex rail networks and enhances project communication. Key rail projects our staff have experience with include Cross River Rail, Gold Coast Light Rail, and Brisbane Metro.

Our expertise is strategically applied to contribute to the success of government and defence infrastructure endeavours, from precise land surveys crucial for strategic planning to the use of advanced 3D mapping aids in creating detailed models for comprehensive project visualisation. Key projects include Southern QLD Correctional Facility Stage 2 (Gatton), Tindal RAAF, and various airport works.

We take pride in our pivotal role in large infrastructure projects, offering a comprehensive range of services that drive success from conception to completion. From precise survey data collection to innovative construction management and the creation of detailed 3D models, our services play a crucial role in informing decision-making, enhancing project efficiency, and ensuring the seamless integration of infrastructure elements. Key infrastructure projects our staff have experience with include the Toowoomba Second Range Bypass and Aquaduct, Barneson Boulevard Darwin and various Commonwealth Games 2018 facilities.

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