Our expert surveying services encompass a wide range of sectors, ensuring precision and reliability in every endeavour. From land development and urban planning to major infrastructure projects, our experienced surveyors use the latest in technology to deliver detailed, actionable insights.

Explore our surveying services and discover how Bennett + Bennett can elevate the precision and efficiency of your project.

A detail survey, also known as a topographic survey, contour survey or site survey, provides information about the terrain, existing features, structures and infrastructure within an area of interest. Our team utilises a combination of total stations, GNSS receivers, LiDAR drones and 3D laser scanners to accurately measure and record the specific details of the site. The collected data is then processed to produce detailed plans, drawings, and 3d models to be used for decision-making and planning purposes by engineers, architects, developers, and government agencies.

The ability to subdivide land vertically and horizontally can add enormous value to a development site where spaces like above ground airspace and below ground volumes are extremely important. 

Volumetric titling involves creating titles both horizontally and vertically and is commonly used in mixed-use developments where individual asset owners such as retail, commercial and residential precincts need to be separated.  Bennett + Bennett are experts in this field and have been involved in the most complex projects in Queensland. Our titling experts can advise you on the best approach to adopt on your development. 

Employing state-of-the-art surveying technology, we meticulously monitor and control critical aspects of the construction process, from foundation layouts to structural elements. This precision not only enhances overall project efficiency but also minimises potential errors, guaranteeing that the construction aligns seamlessly with the approved plans.

Leveraging cutting-edge surveying technology, our experts meticulously analyse property boundaries, resolving potential discrepancies and ensuring accurate demarcation. Whether you're engaged in real estate transactions, development projects, or land disputes, our surveyors deliver precise and reliable data crucial for informed decision-making.

A lease survey is often required as part of the leasing process to define the extents and details of the leased area and provide clarity and transparency regarding a leased property's specifications. Our expert surveyors utilise a variety of advanced field equipment to accurately measure tenancy areas and deliver lease plans tailored to the specific needs of shops, shopping centres, and commercial complexes. By combining precision instruments with advanced digital mapping tools, we ensure a seamless and reliable process that aligns with the unique requirements of property leasing.

Our team leverages specialised surveying techniques to meticulously assess and analyse critical infrastructure elements. From transportation networks to utility installations, our surveys provide detailed insights into the condition, alignment, and spatial relationships of complex infrastructure systems. This in-depth understanding allows us to assist clients in strategic decision-making, infrastructure planning, and maintenance activities.

We have been involved in numerous projects, exploring the possibilities available to developers under current land sales acts, community title and strata title legislation. With state-of-the-art CAD equipment and experienced operators we are able to produce all types of community and strata titling plans including pre-construction sales documentation, concept schematics, car-parking allocation, exclusive use definition and final title plans.

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