Brisbane Industrial Strategy and Amendment K – On Consultation, Bennett and Bennett

Brisbane Industrial Strategy and Amendment K – On Consultation


Brisbane City Council have recently released two draft documents which will shape the supply and delivery of industrial projects in the Brisbane region:

  1. The ‘Our Productive City: Brisbane’s Industrial Future’ a draft strategy which outlines how to maximise Brisbane’s industrial land; and
  2. Proposed planning scheme Amendment K

The proposed strategy and scheme amendments seek to reflect emerging global trends, refine the type of uses and activities within industrial land, link in with Brisbane’s Knowledge Corridor and promote economic prosperity and jobs. Bennett + Bennett support these changes, however note there is more that can be done to enhance industrial precincts and opportunities. Key Council scheme amendments are proposed to include:

  • Changes to the General Industry C Zone to allow for a Warehouse for logistics or distribution, minimum 15,000m2
  • Changes to the Low impact industry and General industry A zone precincts to enhance the amenity and function of industrial areas by supporting code assessable educational establishment and indoor sport and recreation (max 400m2)
  • Allowance for research and technology industry uses in the Mixed use zone
  • Update to car parking rates and allowance for an increase in hours of operation
  • Clarification that the definition of a Warehouse includes distributions centres and logistics warehouses
  • Reduction to the car parking rate for a Warehouse above 10,000m2 gross floor area
  • Updates to the strategic framework, zone and development codes to reflect key Brisbane Industrial Strategy outcomes

Consultation is open on the Major K amendment until 09 August. Consultation on the Industrial Strategy is open until 16 August. If you would like to discuss please contact our Brisbane town planning team on 07 5631 8000 who would be pleased to assist.

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