Queensland Government sets high Survey Accreditation standards, Bennett and Bennett

Queensland Government sets high Survey Accreditation standards


On the 27th April 2020, the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME), implemented some significant and positive changes to the ‘Accreditation of Surveyors’ Procedure to promote excellence, quality and professionalism within the survey industry.

Accreditation is a means of DNRME recognising surveyors who demonstrate that they have appropriate procedures in place to ensure quality surveys, and that plans of a registrable standard are produced at least 95% of the time. In doing so, this ensures a low risk for the land registry and the cadastre.

When a survey plan is examined by DNRME, any errors are identified as either critical or non-critical, with critical requisition rates used as a gauge for accreditation. Critical errors are defined by DNRME as those which would:

  • Prevent the action from proceeding (plan being registered)
  • Have a major impact on the integrity of the Land Registry
  • Have a significant impact on the integrity of the land boundary system.


DNRME Expectations.

Acceptable requisition rates have been lowered (tougher outcome) and accreditation status will now be reviewed twice yearly. DNRME expect that the changes surrounding accreditation will drive improvements in the profession and motivate surveyors to perform to the best of their abilities. For accredited surveyors or corporations such as Bennett + Bennett that lodge over 10 plans in a six-month period, the requirement from DNRME is that the critical requisition rate must be less than 5%. If this figure exceeds 6%, accreditation can be revoked.

Bennett + Bennett performance.

BBH PTY LTD (trading as Bennett and Bennett Group) has proudly held full accreditation with DNRME for 25 years since March 1995 and has strived to be an industry leader in cadastral surveying. As evidenced by the below critical requisition rates from 2013 – 2019, we have consistently maintained a very low requisition rate significantly below the 5% threshold and the state average each year, achieving an average of 1.5% during this time.

Bennett + Bennett Critical Requisition Rates 2013-2019

Queensland Government sets high Survey Accreditation standards, Bennett and Bennett

Critical requisition rates <5% are commended and considered exemplary by DNRME & are typically considered excellent by the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

DNRME are also currently reviewing and rewriting the procedures for plan processing which hopefully will better articulate the service standards and timeframes that apply to plans prepared by accredited surveyors. This should highlight the benefits and incentives accreditation can provide surveyors and clients alike.

Why is an Accredited Surveyor good for you?

Historically, accreditation has been desirable by surveyors and clients as accredited surveyors can lodge a copy of their endorsed survey plans (DPs) for pre-examination of survey content prior to plan sealing and generally well in advance of lodgment for registration. If the plan has an error (critical and/or non-critical) and requires amendment it can be resolved prior to lodgment of registration avoiding unforeseen delays and costs to the client. Similarly, if the plan is already passed for survey content in CISP, it expediates the registration process as the Title’s examiner can commence their examination immediately without waiting for the survey content of the plan to be examined and passed.

Unaccredited surveyors do not have the luxury of lodging DPs for pre-examination and the survey plan can only be examined when it is lodged for registration (unless the plan has been third party accredited). If the plan has an error (critical and/or non-critical) and requires amendment it can cause significant and untimely delays and cost with achieving registration.

Accreditation is a privilege, not a right. Our on-going low requisition rates are testament to the skills, expertise and professionalism of our cadastral team. Our accreditation with DNRME continues to benefit and safeguard our clients’ needs at the critical end of any project.

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