An important milestone has been achieved in July 2020 at Queens Wharf Brisbane with plan sealing received from Economic Development Queensland and titles registration by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) for one of the first survey plans that starts to create the Integrated Resort Development (IRD) site. Although there is still a lot of work to do to create the final tenure arrangements for the project, it is a step that has been years in the making since the Queens Wharf site was selected.

To celebrate and honour the rich history of one of Brisbane oldest sites, Craig Wood (Director Bennett + Bennett) joined Simon Crooks (Project Director Destination Brisbane Consortium) and Steven Jacoby (Executive Director Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) at the entrance to “Miller Park” which was named after Commandant Miller who determined the location of the Brisbane CBD in 1825.

“Surveying is a profession steeped in history and to be able to survey the same ground that our earliest explorers of Queensland and Australia covered some 156 years ago is a proud moment for Bennett +  Bennett (a privately owned QLD company) to be involved with. To be able to have the original survey plan from 1864 side by side with our recent survey work, that has been completed with modern state of the art technology is a great coming together of the old and new and shows how important the site is to Queensland” said Mr Wood.

Bennett + Bennett Director Mr Greg Short in conjunction with Destination Brisbane Consortium and the State Government of QLD have developed a tenure strategy that aims to guide the development through its various stages of construction and tenure to deliver a world class precinct for both Brisbane locals and visitors to enjoy. This will involve a series of land and air based volumetric subdivisions extending from George Street across to Southbank and along the Brisbane River foreshore to manage the Integrated Resort, Heritage buildings and Public Realm interface. The Integrated Resort characterised by the Elevated Sky Deck will form part of the world-class mixed use precinct adding hotels, dining and gaming experiences like no other.

From Left to right – Mr Craig Wood (Bennett + Bennett) , Mr Steven Jacoby (DNRME), Mr Simon Crooks (Destination Brisbane Consortium).

Destination Brisbane Consortium Project Director Mr Simon Crooks said this survey plan from 1864 with the words ‘Queen’s Wharf’ on it goes to show just how important this area has been to Brisbane history.

“The Queens Wharf name will be cemented in history again with the completion of the new survey plans that Destination Brisbane Consortium is proud to have partnered with Bennett + Bennett and the State Government to deliver,” Mr Crooks said.

“I think the people of 1864 would be tremendously proud of what we are creating here for future generations of Queenslanders to enjoy.”

To further commemorate the moment, the DNRME with the help of the QLD museum arranged for the original survey plan B351 dated from 1864 to be present on site along with the new survey plan completed by Bennett + Bennett and a plaque honouring the arrival of the first 3 surveyors in Queensland on 7th May 1839. The original survey plan is one of the oldest records available that identifies the actual location of the Queens Wharf with some of the original buildings still being used to define the survey boundaries today.

Mr Jacoby reflected “The 1864 survey plan is a priceless record for our city and helps contextualise how the area was developed following colonial settlement. As we look to the future, it’s good to know there will be a historical precinct to help tell some of the stories of past and present day features of this place for people who visit. Recognising the role surveyors have played in our society over time is a great reminder that we are now on the cusp of an exciting new era for surveying and the spatial sciences in Queensland. The modern day surveyor contends with an array of high-tech tools and technologies, both terrestrial and airborne, satellite imaging, global positioning and remote sensing visualisations so precise it can be hard to imagine life before super computers but there certainly was a lot going on when you look at the historic survey plans of this area.”

Bennett + Bennett are proud to be involved in this important project for Brisbane.


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