Bennett + Bennett’s spatial services are an amalgamation of Drone technology, Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning.

Through client consultation we are able to determine project scope and constraints, and provide a tailor-made solution. Our team utilises the latest technology, instruments and drones enabling us to capture high quality data which is able to be delivered faster and safer to you.

  • Low impact – minimal interference with ground operations, ideal for sensitive areas

  • Cost effective – capture large, detailed or hard to reach areas in a single visit

  • Rapid deployment – dedicated ground & air teams ready

  • Safer method – reduced risk to personnel & ability to reach inaccessible areas

Capture high-quality survey accurate data - faster, safer & minimal disruption.

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3D Laser Scanning & Modelling

  • High definition surveying (HDS)

  • Point cloud surveys

  • 3D modelling & visualisations

  • Scan to BIM

Laser Scanning Services
  • Aerial surveying / mapping

  • Orthographic imagery

  • Modelling & feature extraction

  • Terrestrial surveying

Photogrammetry Services
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Drone Services

  • LiDAR

  • Photogrammetry

  • Inspections

  • CASA licenced

Drone Services

Online Models developed by our Spatial Services team

Like YouTube for 3D models! Sketchfab is an online model viewing platform where you can view, navigate and interrogate 3D models. See our Sketchfab page for a few examples of our Photogrammetry meshes and our models reverse engineered from Laser Scanning.

  • Revit Models

  • BIM / IFC Models

  • Textured Mesh

  • 3D Services