Skyline Surveyors Merge with Bennett + Bennett

In an exciting development for the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions, Skyline Surveyors are joining forces with Bennett + Bennett, marking the beginning of a new era in delivering top-tier consulting, survey, and spatial services. This merger brings together two esteemed companies, each with its own strengths and a shared commitment to excellence.

The merging of Skyline Surveyors with Bennett + Bennett represents more than just a business transaction; it signifies the union of two entities deeply aligned in their cultural values and professional standards. With a mutual dedication to efficiency and effectiveness, this partnership promises to elevate the quality of services offered to clients across the Sunshine Coast.

Managing Director of Bennett + Bennett, Mark Billsborough, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger, emphasising the enhanced capabilities that will benefit customers. Similarly, Skyline Surveyors owner, Corey James, highlighted the potential for synergy through the pooling of skills, resources, and technology, underscoring the positive impact on clients. - Watch full interview here to hear Corey's message.

As this collaboration unfolds, the leadership team and staff of Bennett + Bennett are eager to embark on this new journey, reaffirming their dedication to serving both private and public sector clients. With a focus on the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, and adjoining regions, the unified entity is poised to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

The merger between Skyline Surveyors and Bennett + Bennett marks an exciting chapter in the provision of consulting, survey, and spatial services in the North Coast region. With a shared vision and a combined wealth of expertise, the unified entity is poised to deliver unparalleled solutions to clients, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. As they embark on this journey together, the future looks promising for both the company and its valued clientele.

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Ben Madden-Holmes
Director | Regional Manager
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Corey James
Project Manager
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Kris Johnson
Associate | Survey Manager
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