443 Queen Street

443 Queen Street is the site of the Luxury Residential project in Brisbane. The flagship apartment tower offers 264 apartments with breathtaking views of Brisbane’s CBD, the Story Bridge, and Kangaroo Point. Survey data provided by Bennett + Bennett (B+B) was then analysed by the SiteDE team to give the client in-depth mapping and reporting. 

The $375 million development was characterised by an amazing sub-tropical landscaped facade around the building’s lower levels. This façade was supported by hundreds of GRC panels, each engineered on supporting steel frames to create this amazing landscape that makes up the building.  

Bennett + Bennett were engaged by Hutchinson Builders to provide complex as-built and condition reports. The project showcased technical excellence through advanced methodologies, including custom-built laser scanning equipment and sophisticated workflows. The SiteDE team then processed over 1,300 laser scans and analysed more than 8,800 design elements, delivering exceptional results.

The accurate mapping and reporting reduced handover liability risks, repurposed data for various purposes, expedited program scheduling, and increased construction efficiency, providing downstream benefits to the construction teams and design consultants.

Watch the below video of the processes and point cloud images extracted from the scanning works.


443 Queen Street | SiteDE from Bennett + Bennett on Vimeo.