Beal Street Industrial Park, Bennett and Bennett

Beal Street Industrial Park


Bennett + Bennett recently assisted the Hoare family in re-visioning an existing large lot industrial subdivision in Meadowbrook to meet current market needs for spec and custom-built warehouses. The existing industrial subdivision had a number of difficult shaped allotments that didn’t meet current industrial demands.

In consultation with the client, the Bennett + Bennett Urban Design and Town Planning team explored options for alternative development formats and subsequently achieved a development approval that will revitalise the site and provide a range of workable allotments to meet market needs, with lots ranging from 1500sqm to almost 6000sqm in area.

The re-design required a unique approach to respond to the site’s challenges, including:

  • Dealing with the complex site constraints including the existing lot layout, infrastructure easements, existing roads, flood, bushfire, etc.
  • The traditional cul-de-sac replaced with a shared space for vehicle manoeuvring, carparking and informal recreation spaces.
  • Incorporating reciprocal access easements within allotments to allow smaller lots to achieve large vehicle shared accessway.
  • Produce as many regular shaped allotments within an irregular development footprint.
  • A lengthy existing road closure process was avoided by incorporating existing road reserve into the new proposal with balance areas being incorporated into wider landscaped reserves.

The amended design achieved both the client’s desired outcomes and enabled a smooth and quick approval process with Council.

The subdivision is intended to service a variety of industrial uses including smaller logistics and distribution companies needing convenient access to the M1 and Logan Motorway.

For reference & background, the five (5) circled numbers on the approved plan above is as follows:

  1. High voltage easements and flood area contained within Common Property.
  2. Private Driveway servicing lots 16-19
  3. Modified cul-de-sac providing unencumbered AV movements with central parking and landscaped islands.
  4. Redundant road reserve utilised for additional landscaping.
  5. Hardstand areas only over existing trunk sewer mains

If you have any questions on this topic or have a development site that requires expert analysis, then please contact Damian Reardon on (07) 5631 8000 or [email protected]

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