Ashgrove Sanctuary Estate

Location: Somme St, Ashgrove

Client: SKF Development

Year Completed: 2022

Following initial development approval in 2021 and subsequent purchase of the site by SKF, our urban design team amended the lot layout to provide:

  • a more efficient internal road layout;
  • improved lot dimensions and configuration to suit market conditions;
  • improved built form outcomes;
  • improved Somme Street entry and a continuous gentle road grading into the site
  • Inclusion of one additional lot

The Bennett and Bennett town planning team successfully achieved a minor change approval through Council. The approval was for a Development Permit for a Reconfiguring a Lot (3 Lots into 18 Lots, Common Property & Drainage Reserve; and Development Permit for Building Work (Relocation of pre-1947 building in the Traditional building character overlay).


  • Town Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Surveying
  • Plan Sealing

SKF Development:

Bennett + Bennett: