Be it a major commercial venture or a family home, long or short term investment, purchasing and selling a property is a major decision with many complex considerations. The value of the property is determined by a number of factors including location, scale, development opportunities, development restrictions or constraints, road widening impacts and infrastructure availability. This includes consideration of the focus property, but it can also be important to determine the future impacts of neighbouring properties and, at times, approved and potential development within the broader context of the site.

From large to small projects, residential, commercial and industrial, well considered analysis and advice from the experienced Bennett + Bennett Town Planning team can assist you to evaluate these factors.

Our town planning due diligence services include the provision of timely and efficient verbal and written advice based on the analysis of site based searches, State and Local planning provisions and, where required, stakeholder engagement with relevant assessment authorities. Depending on your project brief, we also collaborate with specialised consultants including architects, engineers, ecologists and our in-house surveying and titling experts.

Beyond the due diligence and acquisition phase, we can also assist you to determine the preferred development application strategy, briefing your project consultant team and preparing, lodging and coordinating the required development application/s.

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