Bennett + Bennett is delighted to have sought Town Planning approval for the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait memorial in Queensland to be proudly located in Brisbane CBD’s Anzac Square. 

Anzac Square is a significant place for all Australians.  The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander memorial will ensure Anzac Square is inclusive by honouring the extreme sacrifice that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heroes have made for their country.  The memorial has important cultural and educational objectives and also includes the first representation of a female war hero in active service in Anzac Square.

Every part of the memorial has deep cultural meaning and connections.  The memorial includes a plinth journey stone with six figures comprising four Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service personnel from the Army, Air Force and Navy represented across the spectrum of military service from the Boer war to today and two dancers sending out powerful spiritual essence to men and women serving in war with the Aboriginal dancer exhibiting an eagle stance directly behind the pilot and the Torres Strait Islander dancer directly behind the sailor who were strongly represented in WWII.  There are many more cultural meanings making up the memorial and learning and understanding these will be part of the memorial’s contribution to Anzac Square.

The memorial is the result of the tireless work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dedicated Memorial Queensland Incorporated and Griffith University and their supporting partners.

For input in securing the planning approval, we thank Conrad Gargett, Brisbane City Council, the State Assessment and Referral Agency and the Department of Environment and Science for making this happen.

Read more about why this memorial is so important here:


Bennett + Bennett were introduced to the project after many years of planning, designing and community and stakeholder consultation undertaken by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dedicated Memorial Queensland Incorporated (ATSIDMQI).  ATSIDMQI were formed in 2013 to facilitate the development and installation of the memorial.

A development application was lodged 5 years later and our role was to guide the development application through the planning legislative framework ensuring that the years of groundwork undertaken on the memorial’s design was fully acknowledged to secure a suitable approval for the ATSIDMQI.  The key to our success was not only our expert planning skills and experience, but also assembling the right consultants for the team and sheer determination.

The memorial will be located on the north-west lawn east of the Shrine of Remembrance and the central staircase – on grassed area shown below.

ANZAC Square

It is an honour to be involved in such an important part of Australia’s history.  Pictures of the Memorial design can be seen here:

If you have any questions regarding Town Planning, contact Bennett + Bennett on 07 5631 8000