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Survey Titling can be a black art for most, the Surveyor who completes the Subdivision Plan or the Building Format Plan for your new high rise. The surveyor will help with disclosure plans and Plan Sealing throughout your project.  Is that all?  Where is the value add to your mixed use or staged project?


“In a titling capacity, we rely on Bennett + Bennett's extensive knowledge and proven ability to tailor unique titling strategies. Bennett + Bennett provided invaluable input and expert titling advice on our Lakes Residences/Lanes Towers development; a $1.3 billion mixed-use project located in Mermaid Waters.

The Questions


  • Is your surveyor involved in the early phase of your staged built form development, your mixed-use multi-level development, or your master planned private road development?
  • Do you want control of the road?  Outside of Council Guidelines?  Allowing your Streetscape to come alive? How do you get there?
  • There are many and varied Titling Solutions for these projects.  Staged Community Title Schemes (CTS) or Layered CTS’s.
  • What about a Volumetric / Building Management Statement (BMS) solution?  This option removes the Body Corporate from the equation and provides you the developer with the ultimate flexibility in the delivery of your project.


“Our firm has worked closely with Bennett + Bennett on many projects, including Queen's Wharf. They have an extensive understanding of surveying requirements and are able to apply that knowledge to achieve commercial outcomes for developers. We have always found the Bennett + Bennett team to be professional with a service based approach towards clients.”

The Results and Outcomes (the Survey advice & knowledge you need)


The commercial implications of these early decisions can be enormous. 

  • Are you gaining the best advice to achieve your best commercial outcome?
  • Are you receiving early and clear Titling advice for your new Mixed Use and Residential Projects?
  • Are you aware of the different Titling options available for Mixed Use and Staged Developments?
  • Are you aware of the Pros and Cons of the different Titling options and how different strategies can provide your development flexibility in product delivery and management?

“They provide more than surveying input. Their general knowledge of other disciplines, Council processes and complex titling experience make Bennett + Bennett a valuable consultant to have in your corner. The quality of their work gives confidence to other consultants in the team.”

We can assist


Bennett + Bennett have 55 years’ experience in Development Titling.   How can we make your new development more flexible, more manageable, and more profitable?

How can you gain the advantage our clients have in the delivery of these projects?


"The legislative knowledge that Bennett + Bennett bring to the table is a real standout. Whether dealing with private or public land on large mixed use projects, the solutions Bennett + Bennett provide to achieve the client outcomes were clear and concise. The level of reassurance that we can achieve our commercial outcomes based upon the clear titling direction is both comforting and reassuring. Bennett + Bennett are true leaders in this field. "

Our leaders – contact them


We have leading consultants in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers to guide you to your best result.

  • Brisbane – Ben Millen & Chris Swane
  • Gold Coast – Rod Cox, Steve Mavor & Greg Short
  • Sunshine Coast – Ben Madden-Holmes & Corey James
  • Northern Rivers – Scott Thompson & Marcus Hager

"From the Client and Project Manager side, Bennett + Bennett focus on titling solutions catered specifically to our clients and their needs. Solutions based around flexibility of titling delivery and staging, Local Government requirements and commercial outcomes as required by our client. It is refreshing to deal with Consultants who deliver not just titling solutions, but understand the overall project needs. Bennett + Bennett are our go to for mixed use projects."

Maximize the success of your mixed-use or staged development with expert survey titling services from Bennett + Bennett. With over 55 years of experience, our team can help you navigate the complex world of titling solutions, from Community Title Schemes (CTS) to Building Management Statements (BMS).

Let us help you choose the best option for your project, ensuring maximum flexibility, profitability, and control. From the early planning phase to disclosure and plan sealing, our consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t settle for mediocre results – trust the professionals at Bennett + Bennett to deliver exceptional outcomes for your development.


For any enquiries contact Rod Cox 07 5631 8000


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