Recent change allows for creativity in Lot Numbering.


Lot Numbering on Building Format Plans.

The Registrar of Titles recently amended the Registrar of Titles Directions for the preparation of plans to provide wider scope for lot numbering in Building Format Developments.

Some of the significant changes include the following:

  • Use of the lift, elevator or stairwell numbering in a numbering structure.
  • Acceptance of cultural sensitivities where certain numbers are not used.
  • Acceptance of numbering schemes that are logical, despite their
    non-compliance to the guidelines.

The general lot numbering arrangements are as follows:

  • Lot numbers must be numeric.
  • Lots must be numbered consecutively, except where the numbering system is based on a numbering template.
  • Lot numbers must not exceed 5 digits.
  • Lot numbers may be made up in the form of a numbering template.
    For example: FL, TFL, TL, BL, SL, EFL, or BFL, where T is a tower number, F is a floor number, L is a lot number, S is a stairwell number, E is an elevator/lift number and B is a building number.
  • The list of numbering templates is not exhaustive and alternatives may be used as long as there is an understandable logic to that template.
  • Each floor must be numbered consecutively. The lowest level where the first main part of a lot exists must be numbered level 1.

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