Brisbane-Skytower_Bennett and Bennett

Brisbane Skytower

Location: 222 Margaret Street, Brisbane CBD

Client: Billbergia (QLD) Pty Ltd

Year Completed: 2017

Volumetric subdivision of Brisbane Skytower to create an efficient titling structure for the differing residential components of the approved building.

The proposed development comprised the Volumetric Subdivision of the Brisbane Skytower project, a new high rise tower located in Brisbane’s CBD, comprising a retail and commercial podium and residential tower above. The approved development forms part of an integrated development site, with the podium and basement of the approved development shared between the approved Brisbane Skytower development and the approved 111 Mary Street development fronting Mary Street.

This project involved a volumetric subdivision to separate the different components of the approved Skytower project to accommodate an efficient land use management structure for the development and to provide a titling arrangement allowing the differing residential components of the approved towers to operate autonomously.

The purpose of this application was to therefore subdivide the approved building for land use management purposes. The Volumetric Subdivision sought to separate the differing residential components of the approved building into separate lots and remove each residential component from the remainder of the approved development. In this way the proposed volumetric subdivision sought to facilitate the approved Material Change of Use development. The application was separated into two stages, ultimately creating five (5) volumetric lots and one (1) remainder lot to reflect the construction programming of the approved development and cancel the existing allotments.

Accordingly, the proposed volumetric subdivision was determined to be appropriate development and was approved efficiently by Brisbane City Council through the RiskSMART process.


  • Town Planning
  • Titling

Image Source: Billbergia Group