Sundale Bridge Upgrade

Sundale Bridge Upgrade

Client: Gold Coast City Council

Year Completed: 2018

“Multifaceted survey and spatial solutions on the Gold Coast’s Sundale Bridge project enabled enhanced decision making, design and future community engagement opportunities for relevant Local Authorities and the consultant team.”

The spatial enablement on this project has provided considerable cost savings which directly benefit the Gold Coast community. Innovative surveying, laser scanning, and photogrammetry solutions were complemented by advanced data management services to facilitate the BIM enabled project. The successful outcome has sparked a strategic conversation within the City of Gold Coast to transform the engineering process from an analogue process to a digital engineering process. Bennett + Bennett’s reality capture data was also used to generate project visualizations to garner community and stakeholder support for the project.


  • Surveying
    • Detail Survey
    • Service Potholing
    • 3D Modelling
  • Aerial Photogrammetry & Visualisation
  • Laser Scanning


2018 Award for Technical Excellence at the APSEA
Awards Gala Dinner