Queens Wharf Brisbane - Concept

Queen’s Wharf

Client: Destination Brisbane Consortium / Multiplex

Date: 2016 – ongoing

The $3 billion Queens Wharf redevelopment is one of the largest currently in Australia. Due to the size and complexity there is a pool of design consultants and contractors working on the project who each have their own set out and pickup requirements for as-constructed data.


Bennett + Bennett have 2 major roles in this development and that is to survey the entire site to gather up all the site details and the 2nd role is titling expert, where we provide tenure advice as well as numerous cadastral surveys to set up the sites cadastral framework.

We are also involved in the early works site demolition and excavation process with set out, site control and as-constructed works.


  • Laser Scanning
    • 3D laser scan of the entire area <1 terabyte data
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
    • CCTV and aerial photogrammetry to create a singular model
  • Surveying
    • Set-out & as-constructed of re-diverted services added to BIM database.
    • Combination of conventional survey & tight control with laser scanning, cable location & potholing, bathymetric survey of the Brisbane river bed, CCTV & aerial photogrammetry to create a singular model
  • Titling
    • Completion of numerous cadastral surveys, the majority of which were volumetric and of large-scale and complexity.

Complexity summary:

  • Over 200 survey plans used for pre-calculations & reinstatement
  • Over 700 corner & reference marks surveyed
  • Outside of the priority development area extends – over 1.3km of the Southbank foreshore was surveyed.
  • 15 survey plans including Boundary Identification surveys, completed totalling about 190 sheets (largest plan – 78 sheets)
  • Created volumetric lots to coincide with 1km of the Riverside Expressway consisting of approximately 20 pile cap systems comprising of 68 pylons.
  • Cadastral survey was completed using a combination of GPS, total station and laser scanning.
  • Excise the Riverside Expressway out of the development area.
  • Redefinition of leases for Brisbane City Council ferry terminals and the future pedestrian bridge over the Brisbane River.
  • The IRD volumetric lots coinciding with the Riverside Expressway to allow for an extensive public open space corridor over reclaimed land along the foreshore of the Brisbane River.
  • Exclusion of heritage listed buildings from the IRD site.
  • Responsible for the supply & management of all base design data for the project (Scan to BIM)
  • Largest public notification in QLD history