1 William Street

Location: Brisbane CBD

Client: Multiplex

Year Completed: 2016

Queensland’s largest commercial office building becomes an iconic part of the Brisbane skyline.

Total Height: 266.35m (AHD) – Height is from ground level to top of spire – Surveyed by Bennett + Bennett

1 William Street is a major catalyst project for the wider ‘Queens Wharf’ redevelopment. At 75,000 square metres it will become the largest commercial office building in Queensland and will accommodate over 5,000 Queensland public servants. The tower is conveniently located opposite to Parliament House, Brisbane River and the Expressway.

Bennett + Bennett provided survey set out for the building construction, as well as providing survey control for the accurate construction of the lift and stair core, monitoring of movements, various as-constructed surveys and control of 5 levels of steel roof structure including the 90 metre high spire.


  • Surveying
    • Construction control
    • Volumetric road closure
    • Leasing arrangements
    • As-constructed surveys
    • Monitoring
  • Laser Scanning