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Overseas developers are one of the major factors for a recent surge in high-rise towers and entertainment projects within the Central Gold Coast region, particularly within Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise. Aiming to tap into a market which is already fuelled by Chinese visitors and investors alike, they are exploring ways to further add appeal.

Hong Kong developer, Forise Holdings recently started construction on the highly anticipated Spirit Tower, located on the former Iluka site on Trickett Street, Surfers Paradise. Expected to be completed in 2020, the tower will soar 89 floors (297m) above the coastline, have 6 levels of basement and feature 479 luxury apartments with a multi-level retail and entertainment precinct.

When complete it will boast some of the highest residential addresses available on the Gold Coast including the most expensive penthouse in Queensland priced at $41 million and spanning across 2 full floor levels.

Greater acceptance allows for creativity.

Our client engaged us to undertake the titling process and resolve a lot numbering regime for the Spirit development. Having near to 50 years of experience with complex titling and high-rise developments on the Gold Coast, our team was aware of the cultural sensitivities often associated with certain numbers. Bennett + Bennett began a process to try and alleviate the amount of 4’s and increase the number of 8’s in order to improve acceptance within Eastern cultures.

Chinese numerology:

  • Number 4 – considered highly unlucky as the word ‘four’ sounds similar to the word for ‘death’ and therefore represents misfortune. The severe aversion means in many cases units with the number 4 would be difficult to sell to Eastern markets.
  • Number 8 – considered the most prosperous number because the word ‘eight’ sounds similar to the words ‘wealth’ and ‘fortune’. The number 8 is considered very lucky and in many cases will be sought out and worked into daily life.

A change within the Registrar of Titles Directions for the preparation of Survey Plans, now provides a wider scope for lot numbering including:

  1. Acceptance of cultural sensitivities where certain numbers are not used.
  2. Acceptance of numbering schemes that are logical, despite their non-compliance to the guidelines.

The solution is in the numbers.

As a means of counteracting the negativity of a ‘4’’ or ‘’4’s’’ in the lot numbers, and promoting the use of the number ‘’8’’, Bennett + Bennett proposed the following (brief overview from proposal):

  • There are 8 units on each floor of the Spirit tower, therefore there was the flexibility to manipulate the numbering by removing the number ‘’0’’ and ‘’4’’.
  • As indicated by the recent changes mentioned above, the Registrar indicated that a logical lot numbering system applied consistently throughout the development would be acceptable. Therefore it should be possible to simply skip the number ‘’4’’ on each level.
  • Taking the presumption that the unit numbering on a floor need not commence at 1, it is reasonable to expect that the first unit on a floor could be 81 and then continue sequentially with 82, 83 etc.

Example – numbering system would resemble the following:

Spirit, surfers paradise - lot numbering

Solution: 20% of the lots are still affected by the number ‘’4’’ in order to maintain the rule of sequential floor numbering.

Under the proposal:

  • Every lot is benefitted by the inclusion of the number ‘’8’’ providing a more positive outcome.
  • The numbering scheme is able to capitalise further on the Asian penchant for the number ‘’8’’ by numbering some of the upper level lots “7888”, “7988”, “8088”, “8188”, “8288”, etc. culminating with the penthouse lot number being “8888” which should prove to offer a substantial incentive with potential buyers.

The building layout of Spirit lent itself to a creative lot numbering solution, like all projects careful consideration of legislation and client outcomes is paramount.

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