Subdivisions under the Gold Coast City Council Plan.

With the recent introduction of the Gold Coast City Council’s City Plan we have identified an error in the level of assessment of reconfiguration of a lot for the following applications in the medium to high density residential zones:

  • A lease for a term exceeding 10 years.
  • Creating an access easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road.
  • A Community Title Subdivision (standard and/or volumetric formats) of an existing or approved development.
  • Subdivision for volumetric lots established using the structural elements of a building of an existing or approved development.

Currently these applications could trigger impact assessment in most circumstances. That is an application which is publicly notified and contains third party appeal rights. Our office has made a submission to the Gold Coast City Council to address the error. We have been advised that the changes to City Plan to rectify the error will occur in major update No. 1 due around mid-2017.

Any developer preparing these types of submissions can consider applying under the superseded plan scheme which will be available until 6th February 2017. After that date there will be a period whereby an application of this nature will be impact assessed until the major update No. 1 is in place. It will be important to consider the correct strategy for your application to avoid the issues associated with an impact assessed application.

Bennett + Bennett can assist in ensuring impact assessment for these ROL applications is avoided.

Contact us should you have any queries.