With the Commonwealth Games wrapped up, re-establishment of many of the Gold Coast events venues is now in full steam to help get the cities sporting teams back into their home grounds.

To assist event organisers, stadium managers and construction teams, Bennett + Bennett conducted dilapidation survey reports which provided comprehensive digital imagery records of all the site conditions, prior to and at the completion of construction. This ensured an accurate record which aids in determining responsibility for any site rectification works required at the completion of the games.

During the Commonwealth Games development period, we were fortunate enough to be involved in providing a broad range of surveying services. During the early stages our survey and spatial teams were responsible for acquiring detailed data to be used for infrastructure design upgrades.  Our survey teams were also responsible for the set-out of key elements including athletic tracks, grandstands, temporary infrastructure and opening and closing ceremony elements.

Whether you are undertaking a large scale international event or simply a commercial redevelopment, a dilapidation survey is vital to ensuring your infrastructure project has comprehensive records. These will determine any prior defects or areas of concern before the commencement of work and mitigate any legal challenges that may arise in the future.

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