Does your development project have the potential to impact neighboring buildings or infrastructure? If so, then conducting a pre and post construction dilapidation survey will offer the necessary protection to avoid future compensation or rectification works claims.

(Why do you need a dilapidation survey? – 3 reasons why getting a dilapidation survey is essential)

What does a dilapidation survey involve?

  • Our dilapidation team will capture and record the current property / exiting structures condition.
  • Upon completion of the project, a second survey can be conducted to determine and record any changes that may have occurred.
  • After each of the pre and post construction survey’s you will be provided with photographic and video imagery for digital evidence as well as detailed written report.

Dilapidation Survey Case Study:

Recently Bennett + Bennett undertook an intensive dilapidation survey for a project where a serious dispute had occurred between the developer and the project builder. This was as a result of the builder not completing the works as agreed to in the project scope, as well as not meeting the agreed timeframes and budget. This resulted in the entire project being halted while the necessary legal investigations were being undertaken.

The subsequent step was to assess the project in its entirety to determine just what phase each section was up to, what condition the site had been left in and what remaining works and trades would need to be engaged to finish the project.

The images below are an example of the varying stages of unit completion current at the time of the survey.

Unit at 30% completion

Unit at 60% completion

Unit at 90% completion

The imagery was particularly useful in providing detailed analysis to the project stakeholders, as well as subsequent trades that were tendering on works required to complete the project as site access was restricted. Due to the nature of this case the survey and report were required to be undertaken and delivered (in both electronic and hard copy) in a short time frame to limit ongoing costs and further delays. By engaging our dilapidation services, the client was able to save significant time and money, whilst providing tangible evidence to assist in their ongoing legal resolution.

For more information, or to discuss how a dilapidation survey could benefit your project call (07) 5631 800 or send an online enquiry.