The early explorers

Today we celebrate Global Surveyors day for 2021.
The early surveyors were amongst Australia’s greatest explorers and community leaders.

Those were rugged times in the days of early settlement in Australia.
The names of Mathew Flinders, Thomas Mitchell, John Oxley, Charles Sturt, John McDougall Stuart, Burke & Wills, Ludwig Leichhardt, etc are household names and all surveyors.

Many interesting stories such as the Burke & Wills exploration that failed to return or Ludwig Leichhardt and his exploration party of 7which disappeared in 1848 without a trace. So there were many dangers in their work.

A Life Without Limits

The Tragic Burke & Wills Expedition

Ludwig Leichhardt

Bennett + Bennett are formed – 1968

Hop, skip and jump to the year 1968 and 2 brothers Lin & Ted Bennett decide to get into business together and bought a small survey firm and named it Bennett + Bennett Land Surveyors. Original works grew quickly with the Cambridge Credit land boom on the Gold Coast in the early 70’s, which led to a collapse in 1974.

The Bennett Brothers bounced up and down through the various market surges and falls.
Here are some photos of Ted and Lin with the old survey instruments of 50 years ago.

Bennett + Bennett – 23 March 2021

Skip forward to today and technology has led to great changes in the industry with laser scanners, photogrammetry, Satellites and Drones. All of which the modern surveyor has in his tool bag.

Please acknowledge any Surveyor you run into today and wish them a happy Global Surveyors Day!

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