From our new Northern Rivers Office, there comes some challenging projects because the original surveys are many years old and some of the terrain is most difficult.

This project is a good example of that.

Below are three (3) sets of images and they should show you how difficult it can be to find old Survey marks in rugged terrain and in overgrown landscape. It is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. Another good reason why Registered Surveyors are so good at what they do.

Try and look only at the LHS images first to find the item. Don’t look to the RHS image until you give in or think you have found it. The 3 sets of images are:

Spot The Surveyor

Spot The Surveyor!Zoomed In

Find The Iron Pin!

Spot The Iron PinZoomed In

Find The Nail On The Peg

Find The Nail On The PegZoomed In


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