Bennett + Bennett reach the ultimate Requisition Rate – 0%

To finish off 2019 and in consideration of 2020 we would like to show you how seriously we take our cadastral plan performance.

Our last 6 years of preparing and delivering cadastral survey plans saw us hit the magical ZERO critical requisitions for the year ending 2018. That is as good as you can get and shows that we are the leader in accurate survey cadastral plan delivery. During this period our average requisition rate was 1% and significantly below the state average of 8%. The Surveyors Board of Queensland typically considers requisition rates under 5% as excellent.

A big thank you and congratulations to Robert McCabe our Cadastral Manager/ Partner who leads our Cadastral Department, and to the expert team working on some of the most complicated and prestigious cadastral surveying projects in Queensland. A great team effort all round to realise this result.

‘I am proud of these results and we as a company have strived to reach the ZERO mark to offer our clients peace of mind at the back end of any project to eliminate unforeseen delays or costs. The large number of plans together with the variety and complexity of some of the projects undertaken by Bennett + Bennett make this achievement even more satisfying. This result is testament to the skills and expertise of our cadastral team’. – Robert McCabe, Cadastral Manager.

To highlight the size and complexity of some of our cadastral survey plans, as part of the major Queens Wharf development we prepared a volumetric plan that was a mammoth 78 sheets which is the largest volumetric plan ever registered in Queensland and is up there with the largest of any format created.

What is a cadastral plan?

Common cadastral plans are:

  • Standard Format Plan (SFP) – a land subdivision creating land allotments for housing with or without secondary interests, eg. easements
  • Building Format Plan (BFP) – a unit allotment in a duplex, townhouses, highrise, etc with or without secondary interests, eg. easements
  • Volumetric Format Plan (VFP) – e.g. creating 3D allotments for varied uses e.g. retail, residential, etc with or without secondary interests, eg. easements
  • Boundary Identification Survey Plan – e.g. fencing purposes (these plans are not included in requisition rates as they are not examined by DNRME).

What low requisition rates means for you?

Developer/ Lawyer/ Body Corporate/ Real Estate / Valuer / Builder

  • You can have confidence that when you are at the completion of your land development or unit apartments that your settlements won’t be delayed at the final plan sealing and registration stage by a survey plan that has been requisitioned.
  • You can be assured that we are aware that any delays in settlement may cost you sales or further interest charges on your loans.

Our expertise is backed by over 50 years experience in the Queensland Development Industry.

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