Surveying is our heritage and core service capability.

Bennett + Bennett have been providing surveying services over the last 50+ years and are viewed as industry leaders in the field of surveying. Beginning with small land subdivisions around the Gold Coast in the late 1960’s, we could only imagine the growth and potential in the years that followed.

We are experts in construction, major infrastructure and large development projects throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Renowned for our ability to provide solutions to challenging tasks; we consistently provide our clients with a high-quality product which always meets and exceeds the project requirements. With cadastral survey plan requisition rates significantly below the industry average, we safeguard our client’s timing and registration needs at the back-end of any project.

This specialist expertise is proven by the successful completion of some of the most complicated and challenging projects imaginable (a recent example being the creation of complex volumetric lots for Queen’s Wharf.

  • 3 Office locations – Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

  • Capability to service locations Australia wide – including remote locations

  • Over 120+ staff – well resourced for projects of any scale

  • Excellent requisition rate – Less than 1% (far lower than industry average)

  • Quality Management certified –  ISO 9001:2015

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management certified – AS/NZS 4801:2001

  • Established for over 50 years – Half a century of surveying experience

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ADAC is a new standardised way of processing and presenting as-constructed survey information. It involves a more rigorous and in-depth approach to the as-constructed location of inground and surface infrastructure as well as the presentation of the associated data.

  • Each authority has its own version of ADAC – this will determine what is required to ensure compliance.
  • ADAC format requires a higher level of organisation and commitment from principal contractors to ensure that no infrastructure is backfilled or laid over until all measurements are completed.
  • A greater quantity of work is required including field time (generally multiple short visits are required to ensure the continuation of site works), data management and coordination to finalise submissions.
  • Must be located to a SUI Quality Level A (QL-A) standard – aka direct measurement.
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork (“it’s about here and 400-500 deep.”)
  • Standard required deliverables are .XML file and accompanying PDF from 12D. (This is designed to be in replacement of the old redline mark-ups and plans not in addition to).
  • The surveyor’s responsibility is limited to spatial information and the type of materials where possible. Finalisation as per the SEQ code for the material and pipe details (not spatial related) lies with the engineer.

ADAC is designed to:

  • Help ensure infrastructure, particularly SUI is located to a greater degree of accuracy to avoid future issues with infrastructure strikes.
  • Be used as a BIM/GIS database for asset management purposes with relevant authorities.

*Ability to provide ADAC (Asset Design and As-Constructed) compliant XML files. We can also offer data conversion services to assist others in the creation of ADAC files from historical and generic field data.

Underground utility location and mapping is used to confirm existing utility locations and search for those unknown by using a range of techniques including (but not limited to), cable location, hydro excavation, surveying and laser scanning.

Before starting a project, it is important to identify what utilities are in the ground, their condition, and if they will impact on the proposed works.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate risks associated with working in the vicinity of underground services, structures, cables & utilities
  • Provides confidence to plan, design & manage projects
  • Mitigate potential conflicts in design
  • Avoid costly delays in construction
  • CAD & BIM (Building Information Modelling) 3D Modelling services
  • Deliverables are available in AutoCAD, Navisworks, 12d, Revit and interactive PDF

Bennett + Bennett provide Quality Level A or B subsurface utility locating depending on the level of accuracy required for your planning and due diligence.

  • Quality Level A (QL-A) most accurate – Includes exposing subsurface utilities to provide information on the vertical and horizontal positions of underground utilities along with type, material, condition, size and other relevant characteristics. (includes the use of non-invasive hydro-excavation or hand digging areas)
  • Quality Level B (QL-B) – A cost effective method which involves the use of surface geo-physical equipment such as electromagnetic field (EMF) locating and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to confirm existence and position of services from above the ground without physically exposing services.

*Bennett + Bennett engage and work collaboratively with the cable locator and/or vacuum excavator crews to undertake the underground service location