Our proficiency in Surveying, BIM and Spatial Data Management is leveraged by our 3D capture technologies.

Utilising the latest Reality Capture technology, we measure the complete 3D geometry of objects, properties and sites with speed and accuracy. Our experienced and highly skilled team will work with you to understand your requirements and offer an integrated digital solution that will enable confident and effective decisions to be made.

Laser scanning presents excellent outcomes for as-constructed / as-built recording of structures, civil environments, infrastructure, facilities and plants, heritage buildings, mining, oil and gas. Historically Laser Scanning was an expensive and very specialised service however with recent advancements in technology, Laser Scanning is now accessible for everyone without the need for specialist software or hardware.

How Laser Scanning Works

Laser Scanning (a.k.a. LiDAR) is a remote sensing technology that utilises lasers to measure and capture environments in 3D. Laser Scanners pulse out narrow beams of light and for every surface it touches a point in space is recorded (each project will have millions of survey accurate points recorded). At the same time, the scanner records the surface reflectivity giving it an intensity value. Imagery is also often captured at the same time which enables point clouds to be colourised / RGB and HDR Panoramic imagery to be provided. The scans are stitched together to create 3D data sets known as Point Clouds to form a comprehensive time stamped representation of reality.

  • Versatile, safe & robust method of data acquisition

  • Removes project uncertainly in complex environments

  • Perfect for architectural & engineering surveys

  • Cost effective & time sensitive solution

  • Visually exceptional

  • Incredible detail

  • Terrestrial and Aerial Platforms

  • Point clouds enable subsequent data farming, modelling & analysis

Comprehensive laser scanning services for the safe and rapid collection of 3D data.

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High definition surveying (HDS) or laser scanning surveys are a popular choice for building, engineering and infrastructure projects because of their speed and accuracy. The technology enables us to analyse a real world object or environment, as well as recording in real-time data its shape and location.

The resulting information forms a point cloud, comprising of millions of data points which can be used fly throughs, clash detection analysis, TruViews, volume calculations and interactive 3D models/BIM.


  • Architectural / heritage buildings (historical preservation)
  • Plant & facility management – oil, gas, refineries & pipelines
  • Infrastructure – roads, rail, bridges & tunnels
  • As-built surveys
  • BIM (building information modelling)

Laser scanning captures the 3D datasets for our team to process and convert into workable models. Through client consultation we are able to recommend and advise on the right deliverable/s to achieve the project objectives.

Bennett + Bennett are experienced in creating parametric, 3D wireframe and solid models. We are also able to identify and extract 3D strings, vertices and digital terrain models (DTM) from point cloud data sets which can integrate into traditional software packages.

3D Point Clouds

Our Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry divisions can develop high quality 3D point clouds. Typically those captured by laser scanning are perfectly suited for projects with complex geometry where features need to be mapped with pointcloud is the most accurate and complete digital representation of reality.

Point cloud data and models are BIM ready and can be delivered for:

  • CAD (AutoCAD®)
  • IFC
  • Revit®
  • ArchiCAD™
  • FBX
  • NavisWorks
  • Solid Works
  • 12d™
  • Civil3D®
  • PDMS

*Important: Clients who do not have the necessary software to utilise models are able to download Narvisworks® Freedom. This FREE program allows for 3D scanned deliverables to be viewed, navigated, measured and sectioned with ease – for more information “Utilise your 3D data without expensive software