Drones provide a data acquisition platform to fit the niche between what is possible from ground survey and manned aircraft.

Drone, UAV or RPAS? Yes – we are talking about the same thing.

Drone – From military origin. The term is generally used by pop culture or media. Still correct, but informal.
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The term is likley to be phased out due to the implication that it’s not contolled by a person.
RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. The most formal term. (may also be referred to as RPA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft)

Drones enable surveys and inspections to reach inaccessible, hazardous and large scale sites in a safe and efficient manner. We can capture anything from industry leading drone LiDAR to Ultra HD imagery, and 4K cinematic video. Our drone / RPAS data acquisition technology is deployed by specialist Spatial Surveyors and supported by a skilled Data Management team. This enables us to process, analyse, and prepare tailored deliverables to service all clients’ requirements.

  • High Definition LiDAR– Drone borne LiDAR provides maximum vegetation penetration

  • Photogrammetry– Textured mesh, Orthomosaic Imagery, point cloud

  • Inspection / Visualisations – Ultra HD imagery, 360° panoramas and 4K video

  • Cost effective– capture large areas in a fraction of the time of ground survey

  • Progressive Surveys and Volumes – Progress documentation and quantity reporting

  • Safety – reduced risk to personnel & ability to reach inaccessible areas

  • CASA licenced – Registered RPA Operator and fully insured.

  • Verified Accuracy – Quoted accuracies mean nothing unless validated by a professional surveyor!

Industry leading drone technology with expert personal

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Bennett + Bennett’s drone services can benefit many sectors. Whether it is 3D mapping, progress reporting or inspections our team has the expertise and resources for projects of any nature and scale

  • Infrastructure – road, rail & bridges

  • Plant & facility management – oil, gas, refineries & pipelines

  • Land Development – subdivisions & earthworks

  • Mining and Renewable Energy

  • Commercial construction

  • Environmental – vegetation rehabilitation & forestry

  • Videography and Photography

Services and Deliverables

We pride ourselves on not only being professionals in data acquisition but also being able to process, analyse and prepare spatial data optimised for the end user.

  • LiDAR and/or photogrammetry classified point clouds

  • DTMs (Digital Terrain Models) & DSMs (Digital Surface Models)

  • Volume Calculations

  • Progress monitoring

  • High Definition orthographic aerial imagery

  • Reality / textured meshes

  • Slope investigation

  • Vegetation analysis

  • 3D modelling

  • Ultra HD imagery, 360° panoramas and 4K video