Aerial Photography utilised for 2016 Major Motorsport Events

Aerial Photography utilised for 2016 Major Motorsport Events


Professional aerial image acquisition for major motorsport events, including the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Castrol Gold Coast 600 and Philip Island.

October has been a huge month in Motorsport, and in particular for our Photogrammetry division who have had the privilege of again partnering with Australia’s leading supercar and motorbike racing events to provide survey accurate aerial imagery.

Motorsport based events require innovation and continual improvement, not only for the racing teams but also to ensure that each event upholds the experience and atmosphere that attendees expect. With thousands of people through the gates each day the logistics and planning required is monumental, and organisers continue to research more efficient ways to manage safety, traffic and parking, crowd control and temporary infrastructure.

What is Aerial Orthographic Imagery?

Standard aerial photography contains displacements caused by lens distortion, camera tilt and scale and therefore is unreliable for accurate calculations. The process of orthographic rectification removes the distortion from the imagery providing a survey accurate representation of the event scope.

Benefits and how imagery assists in event planning?

• Orthographic imagery enables organisers to analyse in high resolution detail, specific areas of interest.

• Provides a powerful and accurate analysis tool for future planning of events.

• Is captured live at the peak time of an event so organisers are able to make informed decisions based on maximum crowd numbers.

• Monitor crowd population and spread – see where/how popular areas are being utilised and assess whether appropriate infrastructure, seating, catering and safety requirements are being met.

• Traffic management and parking – these continue to change due to development factors within the surrounding areas. Monitoring throughout the event allows organisers to make informed decisions and minimise areas of concern to ensure traffic flow. They are also able assist with future planning and ensuring that variations to barriers, traffic control and car parking spaces are made if required.

• Safety requirements – a fundamental necessity for all events to keep competitors, spectators and officials safe. Orthographic imagery allows organisers to accurately design and position appropriate barriers, fencing, emergency response crews, first aid, event officials and safety marshals to ensure they are kept from harm’s way, and have rapid obstruction free access to the track.

• Event promotion – Additional high resolution imagery can be captured which can visually showcase attendance and event atmosphere, adding real impact to post event marketing activities.

Bennett + Bennett are proud to have longstanding partnerships with our Motorsport clients, and would like to thank them for their ongoing support. We look forward to an even more exhilarating 2017 season.

“Bennett + Bennett was commissioned by Supercars Australia to conduct an aerial survey of Mt Panorama, Bathurst (link). The whole process from initial consultation to receiving the final survey in CAD format was effortless. Thank you to Adam and the team for providing Supercars with a fantastic service. The CAD plans will make our lives so much easier when planning for the Great Race” P. Shaw – General Manager Events (Supercars Championship)

For more information about Photogrammetry services, and how we can assist in Major Event Planning and Management contact Head Office on (07) 5631 8000.

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