How our Photogrammetry services were able to capture an 80km stretch of the M1 Motorway with minimal public disturbance or traffic disruptions.

After a spate of major accidents from Brisbane to Gold Coast this year, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) approached Bennett + Bennett searching for an efficient and accurate solution to survey a large 80km stretch of the M1 Motorway from Springwood to Coolangatta.  The purpose was to acquire comprehensive survey accurate imagery, which would enable designers to easily identify the existing safety barriers and determine required upgrades.

Our Photogrammetry division, Datapix B+B were able to capture high resolution imagery with virtually no disturbance to the public or traffic flow. Survey marks were placed along the M1 during a week of night-works, and the remaining image acquisition carried out via a fly-over. Aside from the speed of data collection, DTMR were able to significantly reduce costs on traffic control services (were only required under night-works during the ground control installation)

The dataset captured was well received and has been utilised for other purposes, including road condition and asset identification.

Photogrammetry deliverables for DTMR:

  •  High resolution orthophoto (3cm per pixel) covering an 80km corridor (Springwood to Coolangatta)
  • Associated metadata, calibration reports & supporting documentation adhering to DTMR standards.
  • Using raw imagery & photogrammetric processing techniques DTMR can be supplied with further extracted 3D data from anywhere within the corridor as required.

Advantages of Photogrammetry for Major Roads & Infrastructure:

  • Cost efficient method for capturing large areas.
  • Minimal traffic control services required.
  • Minimal effect to traffic flow.
  • Survey-grade accuracy.
  • Rich source of data – once captured is possible to post-process additional 3D information including contours & other geometry.

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Project Overview:
M1 Crash Barrier Upgrade