Australia wide survey accurate aerial & terrestrial imagery / mapping.

Australia is renowned for experiencing a range of natural disasters each year including bushfires, floods, severe storms, cyclones and landslides. These types of disasters cause extensive impact, not only to people’s lives but also to property and major infrastructure within metro and regional areas. Assessing information collected from previous events enables Federal and State governments, local councils and emergency services to improve on their preparedness, response times and recovery processes.

As a new leader in Photogrammetry services, we are able to capture high resolution orthographic imagery which can quickly and effectively assist with planning, monitoring changes and the preparation of disaster management plans. Bennett + Bennett’s dedicated team offers rapid mobilisation and data processing, whilst being capable of covering events of varying scales.

Photogrammetry products & services:

  • Affected site areas can be established and accurately calculated (land parcels roads, rail, forestries etc.)
  • Aerial and terrestrial dilapidation infrastructure reporting (submitted as a written report, accompanied with high resolution imagery and high definition video)
  • Site boundary overlays combined with orthographic imagery (identify individual parcels of interest & limit confusion over areas of jurisdiction).
  • Change detection through infrastructure and/or natural environment monitoring (buildings, roads, rail, bridges, coastal foreshores, river banks, forestry areas, farm lands)
  • Survey accurate results combined with high resolution imagery (assist valuers to better assess the extent of the damage and associated cost estimation for repairs).

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Bennett + Bennett recently showcased Photogrammetry services at:
Australian / New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference
Location: Jupiters Casino  |  
Date: 30 – 31st May