Four of our fearless team leaders have hit some pretty impressive milestones at Bennett + Bennett this year, and we thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate their careers by pulling out the Bennett + Bennett photo album and taking a look at what we find. Managing director Mark Billsborough had this to say about them;

The four leaders mentioned below are what makes Bennett and Bennett the company it is today. They have all been at the forefront of change in our business at one point in their careers and have all stepped up when it was required to ensure we remained relevant in a constantly evolving industry. Their dedication to our company for the length of time they have is remarkable in this day and age. To be at a company for 10, 15, and 35 is a testament to their belief in what we do at Bennett and Bennett. Thank you, gents, for your service, and enjoy this moment of recognition

Darren Chalmers

35 years

With 35 years at Bennett + Bennett, Darren has been on the front lines of the ever-evolving surveying industry. Starting out as a Draftsman and ‘chainman’ (survey assistant), Darren tackled each challenge with innovation in mind, a personal quality that has followed him into his current role helping steer the company in favourable directions.
Darren’s professionalism and commitment are clearly observed by anyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside him.

Craig Wood

Director & Brisbane Office Manager
15 years

From Sydney to Toowoomba then to Brisbane and Bennett + Bennett, Craig has settled in at Brisbane and we are very grateful for that. Craig has an expansive role, overseeing key projects and managing our team in the Brisbane office.
Keeping the Brisbane Office running like a well-oiled machine is no simple task, but one that Craig has taken too with gusto and great success. Craig is not only well respected within the industry but has a passion for Brisbanes Heritage, Craig is shown below holding up the original 1864 Queens Wharf plan alongside the newest amendments produced by his team almost 150 years later.

Chris Swane

Director & leading Consultant
15 years

Chris came to Bennett + Bennett as a project manager and quickly became a partner and eventually a director. Chris is a leading consultant with what can appear like unlimited survey knowledge. As anyone who has had the opportunity to chat with Chris socially can attest, surveying is clearly one of his passions. This passion, coupled with his extensive knowledge, compliments Chris in finding solutions in any scenario and managing large development projects.
Chris currently serves on the SSSI National Land Surveying Commission, QLD Spatial Reform Committee, Destination Spatial Committee and is the Chair of SSSI Qld Land Surveying Commission.

Matt Strahley

Partner & Infrastructure Manager
10 years

If you asked Matt, he would say that he likes being hands-on and “moving dirt” which of course means that he loves big projects with many moving parts. Matt is known by his colleagues as someone who always puts his hand up to help find solutions.
Matt has a diverse background in major projects, overseeing many of our local and remote infrastructure projects, with a strong focus on rail, road and energy.

We would like to congratulate and thank this awesome foursome on reaching these milestones