New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!

New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!

New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!

Council is currently preparing a new planning scheme to plan for the forecasted population growth of an additional 170,000 residents living in the region by 2041.

Council has prepared the Sunshine Coast Land Use Planning Proposal 2041 to inform the new planning scheme.  The Land Use Planning Proposal 2041 is open for public feedback now but you only have until 31 March 2022 so be quick.

To help you along, we have reviewed Proposal for the region as it relates to residential and economic growth with the key changes summarised below.

Broadly Council proposes:

  • Future growth accommodated through consolidation within the existing urban areas within the coastal corridor between Maroochydore and Caloundra, where increased densities and housing type diversity is promoted within key locations generally in and close to centres and transit stations.
  • Small increases in housing diversity and densities in the smaller towns and villages.
  • Minimal change outside the designated urban and residential areas in the rural communities.
  • Three new expansion areas and no new expansion areas outside the existing urban footprint.

Specific areas earmarked by Council for potential new residential growth are (in conjunction with the existing areas already nominated for growth in the current planning scheme):

  • Higher density living areas at key nodes focused along the main transit corridor of Aerodrome Road and the Sunshine Coast Home Centre in Maroochydore
  • Increased densities and heights (with no indication of scale) along key corridors and in nodes in Mooloolaba – Alexandra Headland and in nodes along the Nicklin Way corridor at Kawana Waters
  • Medium density housing such as low-medium rise apartments, dual occupancies and townhouses around Caloundra Centre and Currimundi Centre
  • Medium and low-medium density housing close to the Maroochydore centre and associated transit stations
  • Low-medium density housing areas in Currimundi (excluding beachfront areas) and Battery Hill, the area west of the Mooloolaba centre, around Nambour centre and the Nambour Hospital
  • Low-medium density housing such as dual occupancies and townhouses at the smaller town centres of Yandina, Woombye , Mooloolah, Landsborough, Beerwah, Glass House Mountains, Coolum, Pacific Paradise, Bli Bli, Kuluin, Buderim and North Buderim
  • Possible residential expansion areas, all within the existing Urban Footprint:
    • North of Steggles Road, Yandina
    • West and south-west of Nambour
    • North of Thomas Road and west of Lefoes Road, Bli Bli
  • Continue to plan for the Beerwah East Major Development Area which is a proposed major new community and expansion area
  • Extend the Tourist Accommodation zone at Marcoola and Mudjimba
  • Review future use/zoning of Surfing World site and adjoining vacant land to the west for possible tourist or aged care accommodation uses
  • Review future use of former Caloundra Sewage Treatment Plant site on Queen Street (possible community housing project)
New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!
New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!
New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!
New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme – Have Your Say!

With population growth, jobs and economic growth must be promoted to support that growth. Council is focusing economic growth in the Sunshine Coast Enterprise Corridor which is generally from the Sunshine Coast Airport in the north to Caloundra in the south and west to Caloundra South and Beerwah East.  Specific changes earmarked for review across the region to promote economic growth and jobs are:

  • Planning for Sunshine Coast Airport and adjacent industrial land to provide for compatible and complementary development
  • Investigate ways to leverage opportunities associated with the 2032 Olympics at Maroochydore, Mooloolaba – Alexandra Headland and Kawana Waters
  • Transition of the Wises Road industrial area to large format retailing (e.g. showrooms)
  • Provide opportunities for mixed use redevelopment along Brisbane Road and in the vicinity of Naroo Court / Walan Street / Muraban Street / First Avenue / Smith Street in Mooloolaba – Alexandra Headland
  • New and expanded industrial areas to the east and south of Beerwah to provide additional business and employment opportunities.
  • Beerwah up-zoned to a District Activity Centre to better reflect its role and function as a southern transit gateway to the Sunshine Coast being at the junction of the North Coast Rail Line and the new rail line to Maroochydore
  • Extension of the centre zone in Landsborough to provide additional land on the western side of the railway and possible land use changes on the eastern side of the centre and railway station to maximise opportunities associated with the rail upgrade
  • Transition all or part of Kawana Industrial Area to a wider mix of uses in the longer term to support the stadium precinct
  • Streamline the provisions for Sippy Downs Town Centre
  • New mixed use development opportunities along Nicklin Way at Currimundi
  • Additional land for bulky goods / showrooms within the urban footprint at Nambour

Now’s your time to have a say on the future growth and development of the Sunshine Coast.  Contact us now to assist you in pursuing the best outcomes, whether its for your community or site specific.

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