The MacIntyre Wind Farm – Wind Turbines are arriving…


Short video of blade being transported.

The MacIntyre Wind farm (South West of Warwick, Qld) is full of activity with the wind turbines arriving and being installed. This windfarm being developed by ACCIONA Energia in conjunction with Acciona Infrastructure and the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere.

With many of the wind turbines already constructed, it is impressive the sheer size of these turbines. See the above video to get a picture of their size and scale.

The construction of a Wind Turbine…

A reminder of the stats for the MacIntyre Windfarm:

  • The Volume of Steel and Concrete is 660 cubic Metres/for each one
  • The completed wind turbine tips will be approximately 230 metres high from the base
  • The project has been expanded to 400 Turbines across Macintyre, Karara and now Herries Range farms
  • The project has now been expanded to 2000MW and will services over 1.4 Million Households will be supplied

Bennett + Bennett Partner & Infrastructure Manager Matt Strahley says ‘Great to see the progress of the MacIntyre Wind farm as the Turbines go up. Our surveyors are providing the necessary set out, construction control and survey and we are excited to be involved in such a development with ACCIONA.’

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