Laser Scanning, also referred to as Reality Capture or High Definition Surveying is a technology which uses laser beams to measure and capture environments in 3D with speed and accuracy. These services cater to a wide range of clients and project outcomes, and will only continue to grow in popularity with advancements in technology.

A laser scanner works by pulsing out a beam of light which is rotated 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. Any surface that the light touches is reflected back and recorded as a data point, which is assigned a colour and surface reflectivity. A single session capture can record hundreds of millions of these points which when combined create what is referred to as a point cloud.

(Find out how you can use your laser scan data without expensive software)

Advantages of Laser Scanning:

  • High speed data capture.
  • Greater accuracy compared with traditional methods.
  • More information means less assumptions.
  • Increased safety – touchless measurement makes it ideal for hard to access or dangerous areas.
  • Ability to produce realistic fly-through visualisations – creating greater analysis options.
  • Aids spatial coordination and collaboration between architects, engineers and construction companies.
  • Available as a fully workable 3D model (you choose the appropriate format – AutoCAD, Revit, ReCap, BIM / IFC, 12D…)

If your project involves an aspect of complex mapping, where the site may be dangerous, difficult to access or requires limited downtime of critical infrastructure then laser scanning is the most effective option.

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Laser Scanning Services