Surveyors are well known for measuring spatial information such as topography and property boundaries. What is less well known is that we are perfectly positioned to map 3D environments visually and in 3D. Reality Capture technologies generate a digital representation of site as it appears in the real world. This enables virtual site inspections that can be completed from the comfort and safety of your computer or mobile device. This technology allows us to capture site information from the ground or the sky in a safe and reliable manner with minimal site time.

Reality Capture involves Laser Scanning (LiDAR), Photogrammetry or a combination of both remote sensing technologies. The spatial information derived from Reality Capture data is extremely accurate, reliable and enables survey deliverables such as:

  • Detail Surveys
  • BIM ready models
  • Point Clouds
  • TruView
  • Reality Meshes
  • As-Constructed Surveys
  • Construction Validation / Conformance

If you would like more information on how to capitalise on Reality Capture technology on your project, please reach out.

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