Spatial Services Manager, Liam Thierens shares his insight on the advancement of 3D Laser Scanning technology, the projects where these services are gaining popularity and the predicted growth of the scan to BIM market.

Take away points:

  • Scan to BIM or laser scanning and the generation of BIM ready models is gaining popularity.
  • Laser Scanning is now being used on all size projects, by all types of clients.
  • Previously was a specialist service – now used in everyday surveying.
  • Laser Scanning has become accessible to everyone.
  • Clients can receive the data themselves – the more they can utilise a Revit model, point cloud or any 3D deliverables the more benefit that data will be.
  • BIM is a process – everyone from on-site to all the design consultants needs to be on board and work together. If this happens then we will see more people adopting the process and on a wider range of projects.

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