Infrastructure & Major Projects

Specialist survey solutions for large and small-scale infrastructure projects, tunnels, roads, railways, bridges, pipelines and drainage networks.

We specialise in providing survey solutions to large and small scale infrastructure projects, tunnels, roads, railways, buildings, bridges and drainage networks.

We have grown and up-skilled to ensure we are able to provide the survey capabilities that our clients demand. 

These are supported by leading technology and all work is completed using best practices. Our teams play an integral role in large-scale infrastructure and development projects from initial data capture for design, construction and control, mining and resources, civil infrastructure construction services, and as-constructed services to the final survey. We place high importance on effectively collaborating with any associated consultants to ensure that project outcomes are achieved. Our senior staff either chair or are on industry committees and are familiar with current legislation and pending legislative change that assists streamline land survey and registration processes. We understand client and project requirements and are confident in our ability to provide quality deliverables within scheduled time frames and to determine specifications

We Know

Rail, Infrastructure & Defence

Our staff have direct experience in large Infrastructure, heavy rail, significant bridge and road projects across Queensland and New South Wales. Notable projects they have been involved with include the Wulkuraka NGRS, Various Gold Coast Light Rail Sections, Toowoomba Second Range Bypass and Viaduct, Carmichael Rail Project and the Inland Rail Narrabri to North Star Project. Their experience is further enhanced by the leading solutions and technology employed at Bennett + Bennett to ensure we are compliant in the emerging BIM delivery process required in the construction surveying industry.

Data Standards & Digital Engineering
Our internal digital engineering and data management team are experts in providing solutions and deliverables that are compliant in both the TMR dataset requirements and the evolving digital engineering environments. As a results we have been awarded 3 Spatial Technical Excellence awards for projects including the Sundale Bridge Project, Cunningham’s Gap and the Toowoomba Rail Tunnel Clearance works. We understand the asset management requirements that underpin the TMR, ARTC/ IR, AURIZON and Defence delivery strategies and various ISO standards determining the direction of underground services and BIM delivery requirements.
Safety & Training

We are committed to the safety and well-being both mentally and physically of our staff and invest in their futures through various health, well-being, structured training initiatives and Graduate Intake Programs. We consistently provide the correctly equipped staff in not only in a technical sense but with mental and physical skills to deal with high-pressure environments. Our Full Time Safety Officer drives this agenda.


Bennett + Bennett have extensive local experience in the QLD and NSW cadastral specifications defining POSI surveys within construction corridors. Bennett + Bennett specifically have been at the forefront of the implementation of similar framework for construction projects in Queensland for the preservation of surveying monuments.

Infrastructure/Major Projects Senior Site Surveyor, John Roessler chats about what he enjoys about his survey career and the opportunities that are there in the industry and at Bennett + Bennett.

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