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Bennett & Bennett Team

our mission

Bennett + Bennett are dedicated to being the leading providers of SurveyingTown Planning and Spatial Data Services, delivering excellent service and quality results.

In order to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, we understand that the most valuable resource we can have is our team. Through teamwork, we can develop solutions to achieve our continued success.

Bennett + Bennett are always looking for enthusiastic and committed team members across all of our expert fields. We hire people with all levels of skill and expertise, including work experience placements, students, and professionals across a number of industries.

who we are?

54 years of Surveying, Town Planning and Spatial Services

Established in 1968 on the Gold Coast, we have been privileged to play a significant role in key projects and areas of development legislation which have helped shape South East Queensland.

Our success and longevity within the industry comes from our experience, and ability to work with an outstanding array of clients who continue to put their trust in us. Through collaboration, ongoing improvement, upskilling and technology investment we are able to adapt our services to best meet their changing needs, whilst ensuring we remain current in an evolving market.

joining our team?

Staff Training & Development

We strive to grow and develop the capabilities of our team and encourage continued professional development. We achieve this by providing consistent feedback and one on one guidance from a leading team of professionals with countless years of experience in the field. We also encourage and coordinate for our team to take part in any external training that may assist them to excel in their capability.

The company encourages our team to further their study by providing flexible working arrangements as well as promoting attainment of appropriate registration and endorsements from the appropriate professional bodies. We also provide Exam and Study Leave for our team members to take time off to attend compulsory exams for any pre-approved courses.

how we are different?


When you become a part of the team at Bennett + Bennett you are instantly welcomed to the tight-knit community we have throughout all of our office locations. We aren’t all work and no play, our staff and their families enjoy an array of company-wide as well as region-specific social events spread throughout the calendar year.

Not only do we like to host our own social events including family days and company cricket matches, but we also enjoy participating in local community events. Each year multiple teams partake in the Luke Harrop Triathlon on the Gold Coast’s beautiful beachside.

Some Of Our Projects

Careers at Bennett + Bennett

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To this day, Bennett + Bennett remains an independent privately owned consultancy managed by the Directors, & Partners of the company. Our leadership team is highly accountable and able to direct the business with a focus on offering high levels of service to our clients.