Retirement and Aged Care Opportunities Brisbane City Plan Amendment

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One in six Australians are now aged over 65. The number of Brisbane residents over the age of 65 grew by 19,272 between 2011 and 2016. This demographic shift is driving changes to housing to suit the needs of older people. The need for retirement and aged care housing options is anticipated to increase by 50% by 2027, equating to more than 3,600 older people each year requiring dedicated accommodation.

Brisbane City Council have prepared a proposed Retirement and Aged Care Amendments package to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 which is intended to achieve a more streamlined approach to building, extending or upgrading aged care and retirement facilities while providing greater encouragement for new facilities in preferred locations.

What is proposed in the draft amendment package?

  • Updating the City Plan strategic framework to acknowledge that facilitating retirement living and aged care accommodation is a key strategic goal.
  • Provision of a specific assessment code for retirement and aged care facilities. This replaces multiple codes and simplifies the assessment process for applicants. The code prioritises good design and building height transitions to adjoining lower-density sites.
  • Broadening the zones in which retirement and age care facilities are supported by lowering the category of development assessment to code assessment.
  • Increasing the maximum allowable building heights by two storeys as code assessable for aged care facilities and retirement facilities in the Medium and High density residential zones. Design outcomes such as stepping down in response to the context is proposed in the draft code.
  • New activity group for age care co-located uses (such as child care centres, clubs, community care centres, community uses, food and drink outlets, health care services, office, places of worship and shops) which can integrate with retirement and aged care facilities.
  • Permitting an existing building to change from a retirement facility to an aged care facility or vice versa without a need for a planning approval, where certain requirements are met.

Submissions on the Retirement and Aged Care Amendments package to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 are currently being accepted by Council until 5pm, Friday 21 September 2018. The proposed Retirement and Aged Care Amendment is proposed for adoption by mid to late 2019.

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