New City Centre Neighbourhood Plan Adopted by Council

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On Tuesday 14 February 2017, Council adopted the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan together with consequential amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014. The new City Centre Neighbourhood Plan becomes effective on Friday 24 March 2017.

The new Neighbourhood Plan retains much of the content as originally advertised and represents changes to key criteria for assessment of development in the CBD. The following information summarises key changes and commentary on the potential implications for CBD development.

What does the new City Centre Neighbourhood Plan mean for CBD development?

• The new Neighbourhood Plan covers an increased geographical area, incorporating the Quay Street end of Milton as well as the Howard Smith Wharves precinct.

• It has a strong focus on ground plane activation and permeable ‘street buildings’ (podiums).

• It also increases emphasis on laneways, arcades and small scale spaces to deliver improved public realm and pedestrian permeability.

• Key development parameters relating to Tower Site Cover (TSC) and Transferable Site Area (TSA) now accommodate improved flexibility for development. These will apply to residential as well as non-residential development. However, the extent of anticipated (Code Assessable) TSA to accommodate increased TSC is limited to a TSC of 50%.

• A new provision that accommodates increased TSC in lieu of obtaining TSA has been introduced, identified as Sustainable development criteria. Similarly, this increase is also limited by Code Assessment triggers and criteria.

• TSC calculations are to be based on the 10 largest floor plates.

• The minimum amount of TSA that may be traded is 50m2 (a reduction from 300m2 under the previous Plan). However, criteria applicable to the approval of TSA is more prescriptive under the new Plan.

• The new Neighbourhood Plan retains a strong focus on the primacy of the Queen Street Mall, whilst acknowledging the importance of achieving a balanced development approach for the City by increasing tower height in the mall tower area from 60m (approximately 20 levels) to 30 levels.

• It also provides clarity regarding those sites affected by the new mall tower area and its associated mall street frontage setback criteria.

• The new Plan also actively encourages the submission of an Urban Context Report incorporating design elements as outlined in Council’s New World City Design Guide – Buildings That Breathe, with each development application.

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