Bennett + Bennett’s spatial services are an amalgamation of Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning.

Through client consultation we are able to determine project scope and constraints, and provide a tailor-made solution. Our team utilises the latest technology and instruments enabling us to capture high quality data which is able to be delivered faster and safer to you.

  • Low impact – minimal interference with ground operations, ideal for sensitive areas

  • Cost effective – capture large, detailed or hard to reach areas in a single visit

  • Rapid deployment – dedicated ground & air teams ready

  • Safer method – reduced risk to personnel & ability to reach inaccessible areas

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If your project site is difficult to access or requires limited downtime of critical infrastructure, then a customised spatial solution is the most effective option.

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Laser Scanning Services
  • High definition surveying (HDS)
  • 3D modelling & visualisations
  • Scan to BIM
Photogrammetry Services
  • Aerial surveying / mapping
  • Orthographic imagery
  • Terrestrial surveying