Bennett + Bennett's Photogrammetry division are able to provide high resolution imagery products and high accuracy 3D measurement services.

We can offer rapid mobilisation and fully integrated solutions for delivering a range of 3D measurement solutions. These include terrain mapping, reverse engineering and as-built solutions through the use of high resolution survey accurate imagery utilising the latest photogrammetry techniques throughout Australia and overseas.

We pride ourselves on providing complete in-house service including aerial and terrestrial imagery acquisition, camera calibration, image and data processing, modelling and feature extraction. By controlling all processes and procedures in our workflow we can maintain a consistently high quality of service to our clients.

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Aerial & Terrestrial High Resolution Image Capture

Specialised mapping format cameras allow our qualified team to capture high grade imagery for use in a variety of applications. Camera calibration is unique to photogrammetry and we are well versed in setting up various types of cameras for a variety of projects.

Orthographic Survey Accurate Imagery

Up-to-date high resolution survey accurate orthographic imagery can be used to accentuate areas of interest to show further levels of detail. Data extraction can be derived directly from this to be used to develop feature plans, calculate areas of interest of assist in planning analysis.

Aerial Mapping & Terrain Modelling (DTM)

Terrain modelling from aerial acquisition is a cost effective method to map a medium to large scale area. It involves minimal site time, and therefore very little ground disruption to the public. Differing levels of accuracy can be produced to suite clients requirements and budgets.

As-built Structure Surveys

Photogrammetry has the versatility to measure traditionally difficult to access structures and features. This technology allows for fast and safe 3D data capture with processing done off site to minimise disruption - perfectly suited to sensitive sites.

Reverse Engineering

High resolution imagery used in conjunction with survey accurate control measures allows us to reverse engineer all types of structures and components. This information can be produced in CAD format for direct import into any design or engineering package which can even be utilised for CADCAM™ fabrication.

Building / Facade Modelling & 3D wireframes

Elevation plans including building facades can be created from our photogrammetry services utilising a variety of techniques. Outputs can either be 3D wireframe or a solid model (Revit®). This is particularly useful with a clash detection and visualisation in architecture and design.

3D Point Clouds & Vector Extraction

Visual impact is a great addition to any project, especially when there are numerous design elements at play. The use of a full colour 3D point cloud derived from photogrammetry is the perfect compliment to any design project. It provides the 'wow factor' with the ability to navigate your way through the entire project.

Corridor Mapping & Detail Surveys

Rail and road sector networks require specific corridor style detail mapping surveys. Datapix B+B are experts in this type of data capture. Our aerial photogrammetry complimented by our orthographic imagery provides highly accurate survey data with the ability to visually analyse additional assets and features.

Dilapidation Surveys

Construction and insurance sectors utilise dilapidation surveys to assess pre and post construction and/or damage or defects to buildings, shopping centres and structures. Our trained team can be on site with minimal lead time to analyse, capture (high resolution images or video) and document findings for you in an easy to understand report, complimented by HD imagery and video.

Motorsport & Event Mapping Specialists

We are specialists in motorsport and event mapping for pre/post and live event analysis. This service includes survey accurate orthophotos and can incorporate a comprehensive DTM overlay providing contour information and feature extraction suitable for assisting with infrastructure design, traffic and parking management, facilities management and future event planning.

Elevated 360-Degree Imagery

Accurately capture high resolution, 360-degree elevated imagery or video. Images are flattened and stitched together to form a panoramic view of a proposed developments surroundings which is perfect for demonstrating to clients/investors what they will experience upon completion.

Construction Time-Lapse

Record the progress of your next construction project. Fixed time-lapse cameras capture images over a designated period of time, these can be provided as static images or be combined into high quality video.