Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning allows for the accurate and thorough spatial documentation of built/natural environments to assist in the project’s planning, design and implementation. Bennett + Bennett’s expertise in traditional survey, project control and data management is leveraged by our integrated 3D capture technologies.

Our solutions and work flows in 3D Laser Scanning, Modelling and Spatial Analysis provide an excellent outcome for as-constructed/as-built recording of structures, civil environments, facilities and plants, heritage buildings, urban renewal, mining, oil and gas. Our solutions remove uncertainty in complex environments and provides a foundation for confident and effective decision making.

Laser scanning is a highly versatile, safe and robust method for the acquisition of precise and rich 3D data sets on projects of any scale or complexity. These 3D data sets are known as point clouds and are represented by billions of survey accurate coordinated points that carry an intensity value, and if required an RGB color. These point clouds are registered together with high definition imagery to form a comprehensive time stamped representation of reality. Registered point clouds form the foundation for subsequent data extraction, modelling and analysis processes.

The specialist team can deliver point cloud and modelled outcomes that integrate into the project lifecycle in design, construction and facilities management. Point cloud data and models are BIM ready and can be delivered for CAD (AutoCAD®), IFC, Revit®, ArchiCAD™, FBX, Navis Works, Solid Works, 12d™, Civil3D®, PDMS and Autoplant.


High Definition 3D Laser Scanning

Bennett + Bennett's team of laser scanning specialists employ the latest technologies to accurately, thoroughly and safely document real world environments as Point Cloud data. Our methodologies and workflows have been refined over years and allow us to supply clients with innovative measurement solutions in complex scenarios.

3D Models

We utilise a comprehensive range of modelling packages to develop, manage and enhance 3D models for your particular requirements. Our experienced team of modellers work with survey accurate data and digital imagery to create Parametric, 3D wireframe and Solid models.

3D String Extraction & Terrain Modelling (DTM)

Our unified and optimised Point Cloud data sets establish a 3D environment that allows for the identification and extraction of features as 3D strings, vertices and Digital Terrain Models (DTM). These extracted string features can then be attributed and seamlessly integrated into traditional Civil Software packages such as 12d™ or AutoCAD®.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As experts in measurement and custodians of spatial data we are uniquely positioned to assist in the creation of foundational BIM-ready models for your project. Our collaborative approach to projects, ability to integrate a multitude of file formats into our workflows and our deep understanding of geospatial relationships can assist you to achieve your desired project outcomes.

Fly Throughs & Visualisation Analysis

Bennett + Bennett are positioned to provide Fly Though and Visualisation solutions to assist in conveying your message in a unique way. Whether it is heat map representations for deformation monitoring, Truview deliverables to assist in site investigations and project planning or immersive user controlled fly through deliverables we can work with