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Project Description

The Hill House, Alderley

This project involved Bennett + Bennett working closely with the architect, Reddog Architects, to achieve a sensitive, though a highly contemporary and creative outcome on a small lot within one of Brisbane’s premier Character areas.

The proposal represents an excellent example of combining contemporary design with Brisbane’s pre-1946 ‘timber and tin’ character, whilst thoughtfully maintaining the preservation of amenity of the adjoining neighbours. Significantly, the project presented a challenge regarding the overall building height in that it comprised three (3) levels rather than the two levels generally anticipated by the planning provisions.

Maintaining the overall dwelling height below 9.5m, coupled with the clever design of built form, voids and open under-croft spaces, ensured that the building bulk and form impacts to the street and adjoining properties were minimised, resulting in a built form outcome that was consistent with that anticipated for the locality.

The proposed dwelling was determined by Council to be an appropriate development outcome and in compliance with the applicable design provisions of the Planning Scheme, and approved in a timely manner.


Client: Private owners

Image Source: Reddog Architects