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Project Description

M1 Motorway – Crash Barrier Assessment

Comprehensive survey accurate imagery enabling designers to easily identify existing safety barriers and determine required upgrades.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) required a cost effective and timely solution to allow for the design and crash barrier assessment of an 80km corridor of the M1 Motorway from Springwood to Coolangatta.

Bennett + Bennett were contracted to supply up-to-date orthophoto and data extraction services for the 200m wide corridor.

Our solution delivered a high resolution orthorectified image (3cm per pixel) and medium density colourised point cloud of the entire site, 1km x 1km ecw photo tiles, string and vertex data coded to DTMR specifications.


Client: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Year: 2016

Article: Photogrammetry survey ensures M1 continues to flow